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 Black Codex Set Criteria/Guidelines

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PostSubject: Black Codex Set Criteria/Guidelines   Black Codex Set Criteria/Guidelines EmptyFri Jun 12, 2009 11:04 am

The Black Codex set is considered to be the main end-game set for the majority of classes, and as such, pieces are highly desired by all.

The following link is a thread that lays out where each boss spawns that drops the materials for the set.


Although most of the materials are soloable at level 50, there are two materials that almost everyone cannot solo. [Mysterious Tough Meat] which is dropped by Iceburst Locklay (abbr. IB) and [Staring Eye] which is dropped by the Cyclops world bosses (abbr. Pig, Red, Invisible, and Impossible) generally require a party (although can be solo'd or duo'd with the right gear and/or set up).

All of the aforementioned bosses are on a 30 minute respawn timer with the exception of one of the Cyclops world bosses (Pig), which is on a 60 minute respawn timer. When killed, each boss only drops ONE of the items needed, and the party must decide who gets it. Because of this, getting everyone set pieces will take a lot of time and dedication from all members.

With the spike in members who are now seeking pieces of the Black Codex set, criteria has been made regarding the priority on who gets what and when.

Suggested requirements to fight the bosses are as follows:
Iceburst Locklay
-6.5k+ HP (Buffed)

Cyclops World Bosses
-6.5k+ HP (Buffed)


The following criteria does not strictly determine the order in which pieces are handed out. They are just factors that are taken into account when determining whose piece we should work towards next:

-Time in and contribution to the general welfare of the guild
-Whether or not the other materials have been obtained
-Overall utility to the guild
-Number of pieces obtained
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Black Codex Set Criteria/Guidelines
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