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 Black Codex Set *Read Future of the Guild Thread first*

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Black Codex Set  *Read Future of the Guild Thread first* Empty
PostSubject: Black Codex Set *Read Future of the Guild Thread first*   Black Codex Set  *Read Future of the Guild Thread first* EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 4:42 pm

I figured this was it's own separate topic, so I split it off from the other discussion. Here are my thoughts on creating a list for the black codex set.

First off, any "list' would be difficult to follow because even if you are first on the list, if you aren't online and IB is up, we should kill it get someone the meat since we need so many. So now you get into situations where the 2nd or 3rd person on the list builds up some meat and eyes and they need only a few more to get a piece, but then the first person on the list logs in, but they need most of the eyes/meats still. So what's fair in that instance? Should we just let the person who is almost done finish getting theirs or strictly stick to the list? Thus far we haven't had any fights about the black codex stuff. Everyone has been pretty selfless about it, so I think a list could cause more arguments than it helps alleviate. For example, you might start to quibble over stuff like "Why am I below so and so on the list?" Right now the "list" is pretty much just something Had, Cern and I kick around and we weigh lots of criteria and say "Ok lets go for this person's piece next". I'm curious if everyone thinks it's been fair so far or not. Again, I haven't heard any serious complaints from anyone, so I'm not going to fix something that isn't broken. If you look at more hardcore guilds, their core groups got their full sets first while their weaker members had to wait. We haven't done it that way. We've gotten at least 1 piece for a bunch of different people.

So what are the criteria for how we order the black codex stuff? We take into account a lot of stuff like:

How much of a boost will this new piece be to the person? If you have a decently modded piece of white gear you are replacing, it's not going to help you as much as someone who has a junk piece of gear in that slot. Also, if you are getting a 2nd piece, you get the 40 stamina set bonus which is more beneficial than say someone going for their 3rd piece.

How vital is it that you get more health? Mages, for example, generally need less health than do rogues, knights and priests, so that's a consideration. Knights in particular will get priority because the knight situation in our guild is abysmal right now.

How often does the person help with other IB runs? Honestly, if you only come on IB runs when you're getting something out of it, that's not very fair to the people who bust their butt farming for other people's stuff. I have to give a particular shout out to Sphynx here on this one because he is always going on these IB runs even though he says "Oh I don't need my armor now, someone else can go first." He just goes to help out and speed up the otherwise dull fights a bit. I'm glad he's been rewarded with more clean Fang V's than he can shake a stick at!

Does the person have mods for the new piece and do they cash shop? Not everyone has disposable income to throw at the game to buy the diamonds you need to perfectly mod your gear. Some people have to farm up cash to get their fusion stones. That's perfectly fine. In terms of prioritizing people though, we need to give people who are actually able to mod their gear first dibs as opposed to people who will just get the piece and sit on it until they can mod it.

How active is the person? Again, people who are more active within the guild get more priority because they will be of more use to the guild.

How many pieces does the person already have? We're trying to go in order. Everyone gets gloves because they're so easy, then shoulders, then head, then body. The number or mats required per piece goes up a lot, so getting 5 people their gloves is better than getting 1 set of shoulders for example.

The main factor though is "Is the person even online?" Cern has 3 pieces and I have 4 pieces not because we got greedy and said "We want our pieces first!!", but because a lot of times it was just me and him online, so we went and duoed it. If you're not online when we're out farming it, then you just won't get your mats.

So this is pretty much how I feel on the matter. I am inclined to leave it the way we have it now, but I am open for suggestions. Let me know what you guys think!
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Black Codex Set  *Read Future of the Guild Thread first* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Black Codex Set *Read Future of the Guild Thread first*   Black Codex Set  *Read Future of the Guild Thread first* EmptyTue Jun 23, 2009 9:53 am

As I mentioned in Zad's other thread that is now stickied, we're working on alternatives so late-night people can begin getting their pieces faster.

Just sit tight.
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Black Codex Set *Read Future of the Guild Thread first*
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