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 Level 50 Elite Descriptions in german!

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Level 50 Elite Descriptions in german! Empty
PostSubject: Level 50 Elite Descriptions in german!   Level 50 Elite Descriptions in german! EmptyThu Jul 02, 2009 5:29 am

So here is a badly translated list of skill descriptions. totally ripped off from the english forums.

half-assed web translaion:

Hello, let us here the descriptions of 50/50 elite skills, I begin to collect and edit it always works:

Priest / Rogue Rogue / Priest:
Manawoge (will probably Rogue / priest)
Manawoge magical protective effect of the regenerate life points when one is taken.

Dark Fairy
Does a dark fairy to support you in battle. This dark fairy geisteraura mastered the magic of the magic damage to the group increased.

Priest / Warrior Warrior / Priest
Does a Feuerfee which helps you in battle and dominated Pr├Ązisionsaura (increases the precision of the group)

Barbarian battle cry:
Let your opponents fear your strength. While it is effective it also increases the damage and cut off your opening attacks.

Priest / Kundi Kundi / priests
Adjures Wasserfee the one you supported. They dominated the Frostaura magic damage to party members is reduced.

Carryover because Aggro bow shot at by a party member and temporarily increases its defense

Rogue / Knight Knight / Rogue
Unleashed Warrior:
Does the dead angle attacks and basic physical attack power can increase

God's revenge:
Holy shock can increase your physical defense.

Ritter / Kundi Kundi / Knight
Spirit merger:
Mind the effect that the merger of ricochets back harm is not reduced and may additionally force of physical and magical attacking the group in the rich continue to increase.

Ignore danger:
Where most of the damage a group member suffers for you.

Warrior / Mage Mage / Warrior
Wind Bastion:
Creates a protective layer of the wind to watch the damage is reduced if its an enemy successfully mocked.

Meditative Flow:
This skill can increase your magic speed if your plasma or Flammensto├č arrow successfully hits your target.

Warrior / Rogue Rogue / Warrior
Reduces the wrath of the whirlwind for their needs and reduces its cooldown.
When you launch your attack can also use the energy of the skills of your opponent can be reduced.

Energy retrieve:
Backstab regenerated energy, infectious, toxic anger regenerates.
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Level 50 Elite Descriptions in german!
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