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 Druid and Warden

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PostSubject: Druid and Warden   Druid and Warden EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 11:06 am

I don't know if you guys checked this out at the Runes forum but supposedly rune gave this information about the new classes. Supposedly this information is from ign.com. Tell me your thoughts and opinions.

A magical class that differs from the Mage. Where the Mage is about delivering concentrated destructive power, the Druid is more about inflicting damage over time. The Druid also taps Nature Power that stores up in his body. During combat, the Druid can use this Nature Power to heal others and for other abilities. This makes the Druid an ideal secondary healer in a party, alongside a priest.

A close-combat fighter who is accompanied by various companions. The Warden isn't really a tank, but he is durable and can dish out damage in a fight. More importantly, the Warden buffs up those around him, so he becomes an important catalyst in a party.

Here is my opinion on things:
To me, it sounds like the druid relies on DOT attacks, wears either cloth or leather, and has little healing power. Sounds like it will have a bar like a rogues "energy". It is also a possibility that this is the class that will be equipping the pole arm that we have all seen in the weapon skills tab of the character screen.

The warden, i automatically assume that this is the pet class from the statement, "who is accompanied by various companions" I'm guessing a leather class, from what i have heard it seems to have a lot in common with WoW's hunter class. From that assumption, it would also be safe to say that this will be the gun wielding class. As for buffs, i can only assume what hasn't been brought into the game. Attack speed buffs, cast time buffs, and hopefully another Physical attack buff.

We'll see, time can only tell. This game has never failed to surprise me. I wanna here what you guys think! It'll be cool to look back after the classes are released and see how far off we were. Let me know what you think each class will consist of. If you had a choice to pick another sub class which of these would you pick, if any? Suspect
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Druid and Warden
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