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 Guild Castle

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PostSubject: Guild Castle   Guild Castle EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 2:45 pm

Ok so first, you might want to read this. Castle Guide

and maybe you'll want to read a little of this RoM Guild Castle Page

So what are the benefits of a guild castle? To sum up...

100 inventory slots in a Guild Bank - accessible by possibly all or possibly none of us depending on who gets permission.
A place to socialize in a centralized area.
With the addition of a stables, a speed buff for mounts.
With the addition of a library, a buff for xp debt reduction
With the addition of a farm, not sure actually, some form of materials distribution
With the addition of an Academy, i think this is what you need to build some of the other stuff
With the addition of a forge, no idea.
With the addition of a Guard tower, no idea.
cy83r 53x!

So i thought i'd start disucssion on who gets what with the how in the guild bank. Also i'd like to discuss what to name our castle, i suggest Frank.

Guild Runes i hear are in killer demand btw. Anybody know anything else about Guild Castles?
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Castle   Guild Castle EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 1:15 pm

From my understanding, Guild Runes will drop like candy now off of elite mobs with the patch.

Elite mobs = hi2u cyclops

I've got 1000+ stocked up on my alt and we have about 750 in the resources tab right now, so that's a nice chunk to start with.
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Guild Castle
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