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 Cyclops' Lair - Dragonfang Ridge (WIP)

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Cyclops' Lair - Dragonfang Ridge (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Cyclops' Lair - Dragonfang Ridge (WIP)   Cyclops' Lair - Dragonfang Ridge (WIP) EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 7:11 am

Completed the quest 'Glory of the Cyclops' (obtainable at level 45)

Recommended Level
Level 50 with 6k HP or more buffed

General Description
The next major instance after Mystic Altar, Cyclops' Lair is the best instance for TP due to its high concentration of monsters and has some nice gear and rare mods to boot.

Estimated Run Time
15-45 minutes

1st Boss - Boddosh

Boddosh is pretty straight-forward. He patrols in the main room with the Soldiers and the hallway after the room; he will pull any Soldiers regardless of range if he is pulled so it is generally advisable to clear out the room before pulling him.

It is important not to use any Stuns, Slows or Roots on Boddosh or he will immediately Frenzy and begin hitting 2-3x as hard and as fast.

Throughout the fight he'll use a 8 second stun move on whoever has hate. At this point, he'll target the person with the second most hate until the stun wears off. During the stun, Boddosh will use an AoE move that hits relatively softly unless you're stunned, in which case it will hit for quite a bit. Because of this, unless your tank has 10k+ HP, Boddosh should be kited away from the stunned person.

At 5%, Boddosh will Frenzy although it is not much to be worried about.

Notable Drops:
Cyclops' Chainmail Shoulder (Chain Shoulders) - Barbarian V (+20 Strength, +50 Physical Attack)
Cyclops' Cloth Hat (Cloth Head) - Soul V (+20 Wisdom, +50 Physical Defense)
Cyclops' Pants (Leather Legs) - Speed V (+20 Dexterity, +50 MP)
Red Thunder's Helmet (Plate Head) - Rigor V (+20 Stamina, +50 Magic Defense)
Red Thunder's Spaulders (Plate Shoulders) - Oppression V (+20 Stamina, +50 Attack)
Bow of Sergarth (Bow) - Fang V (+20 Dexterity, +50 Physical Attack)

Other Notes:


2nd Boss - Zurhidon Negotiator

This boss can be a bit tricky depending on your set up. In order to spawn the boss, you must kill the 4 Zurhidon Protectors inside the room and then the boss will warp to the last Protected killed and begin fighting. The fight will begin with the Negotiator warping to the last killed Protector and every Protector being revived in a rage-esque mode. Another thing to note is that the boss periodically regens to full HP while the Protectors are immune to all damage.

The trick to this fight is that the Negotiator recovers his HP from the adds by draining their HP, so the fight ends when he has drained all of the HP from the adds.

Every 20-40 seconds, the Zurhidon Protectors will all use a heavy-hitting AoE skill called Death Sickle in tandum, essentially one-shotting the entire party. There are two ways of preventing this:

Method 1:
The easiest way by far for convential parties is to have everyone wait outside of the room while one person drags the first two Protectors to the entrance of the room. As soon as the puller enters combat, the door will close essentially locking the person in, which is normal. The first pull should be the two Zurhidon Protecters closest to the entrance of the room (they can both be pulled at the same time by running up towards the bonfire in the middle until the puller enter combats). The people on the outside should attack the Protectors to draw them off of the puller and begin dragging them back towards the entrance, no further than the second pot or they will turn immune and reset.

A 3rd Zurhidon Protector should be pulled from either side and pulled out of the room in the same fashion, no further than the 1st pot or it will turn immune and reset.

At this point, the party should prepare to kill the last Zurhidon Protector and immediately begin fighting the Negotiator.

For the most part, this is the quickest method because some of the Protectors will usually bug when the Negotiator swaps with them, leaving them in mini-form and susceptable to regular attacks (unlike the larger immune ones). Killing each Protector in their normal mode essentially cuts off 1/4th of the boss' HP.

Method 2:
For a more experienced group that has good communication and enough roots, stuns, and silences, it is not necessary to kill any of the Protectors outside. Because the Protectors all begin using Death Sickle at the same time, once they begin the cast animation, anyone that can knock down a Protector should to it immediately then continue knocking down the Negotiator.

Known skills to disable the Protectors' Death Sickle move:
-Ice Fog, knocks down for 20 seconds (Priest)
-Numbing Dagger, sleeps for the duration of the skill (Rogue) (Note: Not entirely advisable due to the skill's property of fully healing the target upon contact, rogues must be careful to use this skill on only undamaged Protectors or this fight will literally last forever)
-Shadow Prison, knocks down for 20 seconds (Rogue)
-Shackles, knocks down for 20 seconds (Knight)
-Silence, silences for the duration of the skill
(If any other skills work, let me know, these are just the main ones we've use)

Other than disabling the Protectors during Death Sickle, DPS the Negotiator like normal until he's dead.

Notable Drops:
Blade of Murmuring (Dagger) - Barbarian V (+20 Strength, +50 Physical Attack)
Cyclops Armor (Leather Body) - Observance V (+20 Dexterity, +50 HP)
Cyclops' Cloth Shoulder Guards (Cloth Shoulders) - Genius V (+15 Intelligence, +15 Wisdom)
Red Thunder's Breastplate (Plate Body) - Endurance V (+20 Stamina, +50 HP)

Other Notes:
This boss is by far the most pain in the ass one IMO. The Negotiator will constantly spam a single-target skill called 'Incantation of Chaos' that prevents you from attacking or using any skills for 12 seconds. Also, he periodically uses a skill that fears the two closest people to him.

On the flip side, he doesn't hit very hard and spends most of his time casting flames; the only thing you have to worry about is multiple Death Sickles getting off.


3rd Boss - Gorn/Masso/Ordig

The 3rd boss in Cyclops is actually a set of bosses.
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Cyclops' Lair - Dragonfang Ridge (WIP)
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