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 Links are good

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PostSubject: Links are good   Links are good EmptyFri Jun 12, 2009 4:42 pm

This eventually will be more comprehensive in scope, but a list of useful links for members is always a good resource.

For starters, there are the official RoM websites.

Official American site

Which we all know is not as accurate or as well updated as

Official British Site

and of course we can all find linked therein the

American Forums

Probably the next most useful sites are the data base sites. Filled with every item, most quests, npcs, and random nonsense


Which although has a much better user interface, is a lot more buggy and unreliable than

Get Buffed

Which looks like it uses html from the 90s.

The Wiki (which sucks)


Finally of course are our precious add-ons from which hackers will steal your bank accounts


For those interested in a guide to guild castles

RoM Forum Guild Castle Thread

For Those interested in Titles

Title guide

For those looking for a youtube tutorial on the arcane transmuter voiced by a total nerd!

Beginners Arcane Transmutor Tutorial

You know what? SCREW that previous guide, Check out worldofrunes.com's guides.

World Of Runes

A Knight gives a brief Malatina's Game Tutorial

Whirlwind for the Win

Another guide to Equipment upgrading

RoM Forums Thread

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Posts : 19
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Links are good Empty
PostSubject: Re: Links are good   Links are good EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 2:48 pm

Updated with a few new links, the castle guide is informative, and worldofrunes has made a recent return to, you know, being online.
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Links are good
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